Are you a Spaz for Twitter

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Top Twitter ToolsSpaz AIR is a desktop or mobile application for managing twitter. Spaz is also an award winning application.

“I submitted Spaz as something of an afterthought, to be honest. I had received some good feedback on it from a couple people at Adobe, but I didn’t think it was all that, so to speak. Throughout the development process I avoided looking at what other developers were doing, especially other Twitter devs, because I was sure it would send me into a tailspin of despair at the bush league-ness of my own kung fu. After all, Spaz is the first “Rich Internet Application” I’ve written. I hadn’t even written an AJAX call in any code up until Spaz.”

spaz-screenshotSpaz is an oper source project with a large number of features.

  • No ads
  • Cross-platform: available on all AIR-compatible platforms: Windows, OS X, and Linux
  • Open source software using a New BSD-style license (source available at Spaz Google Code project site)
  • Written in pure Javascript, XHTML and CSS. Utilizes the powerful jQuery Javascript framework
  • Built-in global search
  • Short URL creation tool with support for multiple services (,,, and more)
  • In-line short URL decoding
  • Markdown syntax support
  • Multiple themes and support for user-created themes
  • User-defined CSS overrides
  • Event sounds using the Tokyo Train Station soundset by Dominik Dimaano
  • Directory listings of users you’re following, and your followers.
  • Debugging and development tools and debug logging

    Check it out here.


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