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Top Twitter Tools“TweetDeck is your personal browser for staying in touch with what’s happening now, connecting you with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook and more.

TweetDeck shows you everything you want to see at once, so you can stay organised and up to date.”

You can also take advantage of the TweekDeck directory.

“Sometimes it’s hard to find people talking about things you’re interested in on Twitter. So we’ve created the TweetDeck Directory to make it easier to find and follow your favourite subjects, a bit like a TV Guide for Twitter channels.”

tweet-deckCheck it out here.

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Are you a Spaz for Twitter

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Top Twitter ToolsSpaz AIR is a desktop or mobile application for managing twitter. Spaz is also an award winning application.

“I submitted Spaz as something of an afterthought, to be honest. I had received some good feedback on it from a couple people at Adobe, but I didn’t think it was all that, so to speak. Throughout the development process I avoided looking at what other developers were doing, especially other Twitter devs, because I was sure it would send me into a tailspin of despair at the bush league-ness of my own kung fu. After all, Spaz is the first “Rich Internet Application” I’ve written. I hadn’t even written an AJAX call in any code up until Spaz.”

spaz-screenshotSpaz is an oper source project with a large number of features.

  • No ads
  • Cross-platform: available on all AIR-compatible platforms: Windows, OS X, and Linux
  • Open source software using a New BSD-style license (source available at Spaz Google Code project site)
  • Written in pure Javascript, XHTML and CSS. Utilizes the powerful jQuery Javascript framework
  • Built-in global search
  • Short URL creation tool with support for multiple services (,,, and more)
  • In-line short URL decoding
  • Markdown syntax support
  • Multiple themes and support for user-created themes
  • User-defined CSS overrides
  • Event sounds using the Tokyo Train Station soundset by Dominik Dimaano
  • Directory listings of users you’re following, and your followers.
  • Debugging and development tools and debug logging

    Check it out here.

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    MadTwitter Twitterrific for Windows

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    Top Twitter ToolsMadTwitter is the windows version that was inspired by twitterrific.

    MadTwitter is a Windows application that lets you read “twits” written by your friends and publish your own. It’s inspired in Twitterrific, a really nice application for Mac. As I couldn’t find an equivalent one for Windows I decided to write my own.

    Using it is really easy. First, you need to register for an account at Twitter. Once you get your account, download MadTwitter and install it. When executing it for first time, it will ask for your credentials and some options.

    Once configured it will stay at the bottom of your desktop (in the systray) showing itself when you receive new “twits”. Clicking on its icon will show the main window where you can write your “twits”.”


    Check it out here.

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    Twitterrific a Desktop Solution for Twitter

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    Top Twitter ToolsStart having some fun with twitter by using the twitterrific system.  The system allows you to enhance your twitter account and have a little fun at the same time.

    “Twitterrific is a fun application that lets you both read and publish posts or “tweets” to the Twitter community website. The application’s user interface is clean, concise and designed to take up a minimum of real estate on your Mac’s desktop.

    To get started, visit the Twitter home page to sign up for an account for use with Twitterrific. Twitter accounts are free, take only minutes to set up and are a great way to stay connected with people around the globe.”

    twitterrificFeature List

    • Clean, concise UI with small desktop footprint
    • Supports multiple Twitter accounts
    • Auto refreshing at user defined intervals
    • Replies and direct messages are displayed inline
    • Number of unread tweets shown in the Dock
    • Delete tweets from Twitter quickly and easily
    • Auto show / hide when new tweets arrive
    • Control over window layering and priority
    • Single click access to user profile pages
    • Switch between friend and public tweets easily
    • Keyboard shortcuts for list navigation and more
    • Control Twitterrific with AppleScript
    • Audio notification for new tweets
    • Hotkey to show / hide tweets

    Find out more here.

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    Snitter a Twitter Client for Mac and Windows

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    Top Twitter ToolsSnitter is a great desktop application for managing twitter activity.

    “Snitter is “Snook’s Twitter”: an Adobe AIR-powered application for twittering. Twitter let’s you post small 140 character messages letting people know what you’re up to.

    Snitter is made on the Adobe AIR platform which is both Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows compatible. There is currently a Linux version of Adobe AIR in alpha testing but some functionality is likely missing.”

    Just look at this amazing features list below:

    • auto-updates tweet list
    • highlights messages sent to you via @ syntax (and makes a chirp)
    • clear current list of tweets
    • refresh list of tweets
    • displays last time it tried to request an update
    • view 20 most recent items in your timeline
    • view 20 most recent replies
    • view 20 most recent direct messages
    • view and filter friends list by name and screen name
    • view and filter followers
    • links to easily @reply and Direct message users
    • keyboard shortcuts to access each panel
    • add favorites tab and allow tweets to be set as a favorite
    • will notify you of new versions of Snitter
    • audible notification of new tweets
    • will remember previous window size and location
    • will minimize to system tray
    • auto-login


    Check it out here.

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    Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts With Seesmic Desktop

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    Top Twitter ToolsThis is a handy little twitter desktop program that will allow you to manage multiple twitter accounts. The system also allows for multiple facebook management as well.

    “A desktop client to manage your lifestream from Facebook & multiple Twitter accounts. Create groups and searches and view them any way you like.”

    seesmic_desktop_screenshotCheck it out here.

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